Keys to an Interesting Web Page


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Web pages are not as easy to write as they look: Writing a web page can be a lot of fun,but it also takes plenty of skill and a lot of practice. Many people struggle with writing web pages that are appealing to the reader and this can be frustrating. Michael Agger and his article on how we read online provides different strategies for creating a successful web page, such as including visual eye catchers, explanatory titles and subheadings, and appropriate and original content in your web page. These tips are great for encouraging web page writers to create a successful article that is enjoyable for the audience and readers.

A Title that POPS!

The title of your web page or the subtitle in your web page can tell the reader a lot about what you are writing. Also, using a creative title can really grab the reader’s attention and interest in reading your web page. Original content is also very important in creating a well written and interesting web page. Using information from another source can make your web page more reliable and credible; however, relying too much on other sources can make your web page less interesting and repetitive. So be creative and add plenty of originality to your articles.

Attractiveness is Key

If you really want to create an appealing web page that catches the reader’s attention and makes them want to continuing reading your internet article, it is important to add the following visuals:

  • Appropriate images
  • Plenty of blank Space
  • Bulleted lists
  • Occasional use of bold

According to John Lannon and Laura Gurak (2014), using the right tools and technologies like the ones discussed previously are essential in creating a web page that the reader will enjoy. I hope that you found these tips as useful as I did and use them when you create a web page.



Lannon, J. M., & Gurak, L. J. (2014). Technical communication (13th ed.). Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson.



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