Discovering Interviews

What is an interview? Whether it be applying for jobs or researching for an assignment, interviews are usually involved. What an interview consists of is a series of questions that are usually presented in a face-to-face interaction or even an online encounter to collect information for a specific purpose.

The Interviewee’s Perspective: While being interviewed by my classmate, Taylor Webster, I realized how nerve wracking being interviewed was. The reason for this is associated with the fact that I wasn’t really sure of the questions that were going to be asked so I wasn’t fully prepared to give in-depth answers. Other than this, it was a great experience and it helped me think more deeply on the questions Taylor asked me during the interview. It also gave me a chance to see the interviewee’s perspective and discover ways to improving  my interviewing skills. By being interviewed by my classmate, I discovered that asking questions that are more broad rather than specific allowed me to talk more and provide more information for the interviewer. This will be very helpful for me when I interview a professional in my field of study.

The Interviewer’s Perspective: When preparing to interview my classmate, Taylor, I found it difficult to think of open-ended questions that would allow me to collect quality information. It took me approximately ten minutes just to think of five interview questions for my classmate. After I thought of some questions, I asked them during the interview and made sure that a recording device was used during the entire interview. This allowed me to collect the information I needed, that way I was able to go back and listen to the interview and transcribe the information I needed. This wasn’t too difficult; however, I did not collect as much information as I expected to, which was probably due to the fact that the questions I asked throughout the interview were too specific rather than being general and broad. This made me realize what I needed to do when it came to conducting an interview for the Key Assignment 2, which is to put more thought in the questions I ask and to put myself in the shoes of the interviewee when coming up with questions. In doing this,  I am capable of collecting plenty of information in the interview for my assignment.

All in all, interviewing someone can be complicated and can take a lot of practice. A great way to strengthen your interviewing skills is to put yourself in a situation in which you are interviewed, that way you understand how someone may like to be interviewed.


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